Follow This Simple Process To Get Your Dream Car

If you’re looking for a new car, how about trying these simple ways to save up for your dream car? You truly can drive the car of your dreams. Now, I’m not going to tell you that if you work at a job making minimum wage that you’ll be able to drive a $100,000 sports car in just a couple months. What I am going to tell you is that saving for a car truly can be done on any budget with a few tips and tweaks. I do think it is smart to pick a realistic cost for a car, and not go for the most expensive one on the market, yet saving for a car you truly love can be done with some simple tips. Try these 10 ways to get your dream car, and you’ll be driving away in style all.

10 Ways To Get Your Dream Car

1.      Create a budget
At this point, you’ve probably checked the price of your dream car already. So, it’s time to create a budget plan.
First, consider how much you earn in a month and how much you’re willing to set aside for your car. Keep in mind that you also need to save for your car’s insurance, gas, and maintenance. It would be great to set aside a few savings for these even before you have your car.
Then, project and designate a budget for all your expenses. Aside from your car, you also have bills and other necessities to pay for.

2.      Sacrifice Your Spending
Think of other ways you can cut off some of your expenses so you can set aside more money for your car. If you are thinking of buying something, ask yourself first if you’re spending for a want or a need. If you don’t need it, maybe you can take a pass at purchasing something.
It would also help to compare prices, like when you’re in the grocery. You can save a few more bucks if you pay attention to prices.
The most important things to do when finding ways to save up for your dream car is to cut your spending right here and now. Any extras need to go. No more eating out and spending $10 a meal, or enjoying the movies several times a week. Cut your spending to the bare minimum so you can sock away every last cent for your car.

3.      Keep A Special Place
One thing I did when saving for my first car was to put the cash in a special spot in my room.
After each paycheck, I cashed it out, came home and put what didn’t need to go to bills in my “special place,” which was this giant, beautiful silver vase I had. Putting that money in that vase was so rewarding to me, and it was actually easier not to spend it than if it would have been in my bank account. Keeping your money in a special place makes saving moneyrewarding, and it keeps it out of your hands so long as you don’t touch it!

Or, The bank is still the safest place to keep your money, whether you believe that or not. So, open an account and keep all your savings there.
But, before you do, make sure to look for accounts where you can earn high interests. Also, consider getting a passbook savings account so it wouldn’t be easy to withdraw anytime.
If you already have an existing bank account, it’s still highly recommendable to open a separate one for your car budget.

4.      Get More Work
Take up odd jobs if you can, get a second job, or ask for more hours at your current job to save money faster. Anything you can do to make extra money, do it! This will help you get to buying a car faster and keep you busy so you’re not focused on not being able to spend your money.

5.      Regular Payments
If you’ve been paying extra on some of your bills, like credit cards or loans, cut back to the regular payment amount until you’ve saved up money for your dream car. You can go back to paying extra once you’ve bought the car. Use the money you would have put towards the extra payments and put that in your car savings fund.

6.      Apply For Alternative Financing
So, you already saved but you’re still a long way from purchasing your dream car. Why not speed it up a little?
You can apply for alternative financing, like salary or pay-day loans, bank loans, auto loans and car title loans. These can help you acquire fast cash with less paperwork.
You still have to continue saving, though.
These alternative modes of financing could only give you a fraction of the cost you need. You can opt for a car title loan to borrow a higher amount, but this would require a car title in the first place. Also, you should remember that it is still a loan. You will still have a monthly payable even after you already bought your car.
Always try to inquire first on the payment terms, collateral needed and the interest rates before you resort to alternative financing.

7.      Invest Your Money
Consider this:
You have loaned an amount of money, but maybe it’s still not enough to buy your dream car. Well, how about investing part of it for the meantime?
Look for ways where you can invest around 10% to 20% of your loaned money and expect a good ROI from it at the end of a quarter or even a year. Make sure that your ROI will be higher than the interest you pay each month for your loan.
This way, your horizons expand and your money grows. By the time you’re ready to buy that car, you have more than what you hoped for. You now have your dream car and a great business investment to boot.

8.      Be Realistic
When picking a “dream car,” be realistic with yourself in terms of deciding if it is a good choice economically speaking. What is the fuel economy on the car in respect of how much you'll need to drive it each day?
Will it cost you a fortune in gas, or require a lot of maintenance? Does it cost more than a small house? You really can have a dream car that you love, but be smart about how expensive it really is. You might want to rethink things before you spend two years having to save for a car that’s out of your price range anyway.

9.      Skim Your Budget
When I saved money to pay cash for my first car, I cut my budget big time. I cut all my groceries down to the bare minimum, stopped shopping for clothes and jewelry altogether and only went out once a week anywhere I would have to spend money, like movies, restaurants, etc.
I found free things to do like going to the library, watching movies online through Netflixand even cut back on beauty items. It wasn’t easy, but when I paid cash for my car, I’ve never felt so good and sure wasn’t thinking about all those times I had to give up something. They were a thing of the past, and I had a new car!

10.    Keep Your Prize In Mind
If you have to, tape pictures up everywhere of your dream car. Write inspirational quotes, or make a mental reminder each day to think about what you’re really working towards.
Allocating as much money as you can out of your income to your car should be your main focus to save the money for your dream car in the shortest amount of time.
Just imagine yourself with the keys to your dream car in your hand, walking to the car for your first drive in it. It really can happen with the power of motivation, determination, and perseverance. Have you ever saved money for a car, or what’s your dream car you’re trying to save for?


With all these considered, are you ready to commit yourself to saving money so you can buy your dream car?
Start saving now and learn to cut off some of your expenses. You’ll see yourself in the driver’s seat, maneuvering that steering wheel in the future.
For now, save and invest. Be frugal, if you must.

Having a luxury car is an outlandish idea for most people, but these tips can help you make your dream come true!


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