New Chevy Cheyenne Super 10 Option Offered On 2018

New Chevy Cheyenne Super 10
It's nice to see these brilliant colors back on pickups

The pickup truck section is precisely where all best carmakers are concentrating on, nowadays. A portion of pickup truck car dealerships go a stage more and personalize well-liked pickup truck models to match the various requirements of the customers. Recently, a Minnesota dependent GM dealership has been doing that. The car dealership, called Blake Greenfield Chevy Buick has altered a Chevy Silverado to make it look like New 
Chevy Cheyenne Super 10 model. The old style design offers fantastic reviews from all of the quarters. The pictures are available today on the web.

The Cheyenne made its debut in 1971 as Chevrolet’s top-of-the-line pickup truck, but Valley prefers to fit the optional package to Silverado LT base models. Even with its cloth seats, we’d wager today’s bottom-rung pickup still puts the “luxury” of the Cheyenne to shame. 
Giving Chevrolet Silverados a retro makeover is becoming quite a trend. A recent story caught a dealer in Minnesota dressing up the pickups with old-school Cheyenne badges and similarly vintage-inspired two-tone paint. Apparently, Valley Chevrolet in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, has been offering a few trucks with a similar package, including this eye-catching burnt orange and white combo.

The truck features a burnt orange body with broad white stripes running down the side. Black and gray pinstripes separate the body from the white strip for an extra visual flourish. The pickup rides on retro-inspired wheels and features BF Goodrich tires with raised white letters. Cheyenne Super logos finish off the aesthetic upgrades. The cabin is exactly the same as a regular Silverado.

Chevy dealerships

Chevy Cheyenne Super 10A Pennsylvania truck dealership is offering nostalgic customers a new-old truck in the form of a Cheyenne Super 10-inspired appearance package for its range of Chevrolet 2018 pickups.
Valley Chevrolet’s “Big 10” conversion kit can be fitted to any Chevy truck on its lot, and includes 18-inch rally wheels, a 3.5-inch lift, chrome mirrors and door handles and two-tone striping and badging.
Given the consumer response to these old-school-styled trucks, don't be surprised if Chevy introduces a model of its own. The company just needs to take a formerly popular color like baby blue then add some white stripes, vintage badges, and a chunky wheel design. On the inside, the company could add some old-school shades for the upholstery and trim – in maroon, for example.
The truck buyers today grew up in the 1980s and early 1990s when this look was still a common sight on the road. With nostalgia for childhood starting to kick in, it makes sense that this style is making a comeback
At least two Chevy dealerships in the U.S. and two in Canada are offering a retro Big 10 conversion on the 2018 Silverado which is quickly gaining traction among fans of the iconic truck.

Chevy Cheyenne Makeover

Whatever your opinion on new car dealerships, they can be great laboratories to bring truly cool concepts to life. Valley Chevrolet is offering to turn any truck on their lot into a time machine with a Cheyenne Super 10 conversion kit that includes a 3.5-inch lift, 18-inch rally wheels with BF Goodrich white lettered tires, a two-tone decal package, special "Big 10" badging, and chromed-out mirrors covers and door handles. That might not sound like a lot, but the cumulative effect is a pickup that looks like it drove out of the backcountry in 1975. It's a clean, well-executed concept that should probably be offered from the factory, frankly.

New Chevy Cheyenne Super 10 Red

The Cheyenne nameplate was first introduced by Chevrolet in 1971 as the name for its top-trim trucks. The 2018 version is a hair more humble, sporting the cloth seats and unadorned interior of its Silverado LT base. Still, the overall effect works great, especially considering how much fancier pickups have become in the last few decades.

Feature New Chevy Cheyenne

The need for trucks with customizations will almost always be there. There are takers for lorries with vintage style as correctly. While GM might not release vintage fashioned pickups, and the Minnesota dependent GM dealership is taking the move. The method is placed on, and the pickup truck will attract the focus on purchasers also. The cabin has not yet altered significantly, and it is very little luxurious. The rates might be a little large in comparison to typical trucks, but you get the increased design and excellent performance.

     1.               Interior
The New Chevy Cheyenne Super 10 includes improved security features and features. So, the customers do not need to concern yourself with secure driving a car or losing out on features. Thus, the pickup truck becomes a great deal of safety bags and functions like grip management, stableness manages, rearview camera, and lane continues to keep aid. You may also get characteristics like whether to lead, Wireless Bluetooth, touchscreen display dependent infotainment set up and heated chairs. Nonetheless, some offers might be presented as choices. The dealer could also offer you much more modification alternatives.

2.               Exterior

The New Chevy Cheyenne Super 10 is an old style-seeking pickup truck. The traditional two-sculpt shade system grabs your interest at first. A precious metal stripe operates using the body. You may also choose a white colored tinted roofing for the vehicle. The vintage style factors also have the brash stainless bbq grill, body-tinted fender, chromed-out deals with, and 18-in. Rally tires badges. The Huge 10 Cheyenne package also comes along with unique dirt-terrain wheels. The cabin even will get some old style design components. The Chevy Cheyenne is the company’s leading-of-the-series vehicle. The Valley opts for Silverado LT base models. As of now, natural leather covers are not presented. Its cabin is very roomy, and the focus is much more on energy than lavishness. There are some storage space cubicles and receptacles to keep tiny things.

New Chevy Cheyenne Price

So far, the dealership has put together three of the trucks since debuting the option last month, using the 2018 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 LT in Double Cab and Crew Cab configurations as a canvas. The first two have since been sold, but there's a mighty fine looking Silverado LT in Tangier Orange over white sitting on the lot just waiting for its new owner. Expect it to go in the high $40,000 range.